FreeMove是一款可移动安装文件夹而不会破坏捷径或程序执行的工具,免安装。这款免费软件简单易用且实用,只要点击「Move From:」字段右边的「Browse…」(浏览)按钮来提取原始安装文件夹、接着点击「To:」字段右边的「Browse…」按钮来提取目的文件夹,然后按下「Move」(移动)按钮即可。您甚至可以将安装文件夹移动到不同的磁盘,让您的程序或游戏易于管理或容易找到。


文件被移动到新文件夹后,新文件夹会与原文件夹建立连接,所以当原文件夹的文件被存取时,它会被重新导向到新文件夹。不过,当您要移动的文件夹需要管理员权限时,如位在C:Program Files中的文件夹,那么您也要拥有管理员权限才能执行这款免费工具。

重要的系统文件夹建议不要移动,因为这可能破坏系统的核心功能,如Windows更新。C:Users、C:Documents and Settings、C:Program Files和C:Program Files(x86)(这是64位系统多出来的文件夹,以便区分64位元和32位程序)这几个文件夹都不要移动。如果您执意要移动,风险自负。不过,移动这些文件夹底下的子文件夹则不会发生问题。所以,移动C:Program Files123是不会有问题的。


FreeMove 原文简介:

The program lets you move an installation folder somewhere else without breaking it.

The software is portable and about as simple to use as it gets. Browse to select the “move from” directory and then the “To” directory and click “Move.” The files are moved to the new location and a directory junction is created from the old location to the new one.

If you want to move from or to a directory, like those contained in C:Program Files, which requires administrative privileges, run the program as an administrator or it won’t work!

You should not move important system directories as they can break core functionalities like Windows Update and Windows Store Apps.

C:Users – C:Documents and Settings – C:Program Files – C:Program Files (x86) should not be moved. If you wish to do it anyway, do it at your own risk.

To uninstall a program that was moved, uninstall it as normal. An empty directory will remain wherever you moved it to that you can delete after uninstall. To return a folder that was moved, delete the original folder, then use the program to move it back where it was originally.